Time capsule: 1974 Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.2

It is said that there is a first time for everything, and in our case this is the first time, despite more than 2000 published posts, that we publish an Alfa Romeo Alfasud.

The Alfasud can in fact be considered an “anomaly” in the Alfa Romeo world, at least compared to what the Portello factory had produced up to that moment: the first anomaly is given by the place of production, not in the outskirts of Milan but in southern Italy. , near Naples (hence the name). The second and most obvious anomaly is the absence of the legendary “Bialbero”, replaced by a refined four-cylinder boxer engine. This model may seem like the Cinderella among all the Alfa Romeos produced up to that moment but don’t be fooled: it is still a car with a refined design, certainly at the top of its competitors produced not only in Italy, but throughout the world.

This particular car was published because it is a real time capsule (at least according to the seller): original 13,500 kilometers (8,400 miles), original paint, original interiors. We have always said that a car cannot be judged by photos alone, but from what we see we assume that this car really delivers on its promises. Find it for sale at €11,500 (today $13,600) here in Roma, Italy.


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