Freedom of choice: 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster

Let’s face it: it is an unsafe car, it does not brake very well, it has an engine that produces more or less the same power as a Fiat Panda, the winter heating is poor as well as the waterproof seal of the hood and, finally, it is very expensive.

But there is also a small, not negligible detail: its design is perfect, iconic. For some (and not even a few) this car, like all Porsche 356s, is nothing more than an ennobled VW Beetle (already remarkable in itself from a technological point of view) and perhaps in part this is also true, but technical enthusiasts automakers are well aware of the fascination behind apparently “simple” technological solutions.

This Speedster (chassis #83673) presents itself as the classic car not neglected but neither pampered for all its life: the engine is no longer the original one, the bottoms seem to have been patched in the past, some parts of the bodywork – such as the front hood – do not seem to be correctly aligned. The interior has a nice patina and looks correct, at the end of te day this is a car you could drive for years before deciding to restore it. Finally, it has a positive aspect: the COA shows that the factory has not registered the original colors of the exterior and interior: this means that whatever color you decide to adopt will be the right one, in any case. Find it for sale at $269,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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