To be refreshed: 1961 DKW 1000 SP Coupé

Bigger or faster are not positive characteristics in themselves, but must always be contextualized. In this particular context, the two aforementioned factors don’t matter as much.

In fact, when it comes to classic cars, size or speed matters little or nothing: if that were the case, a Ferrari 250 GTO – which today would be humiliated on the track even by a Ford Focus RS – would certainly not be worth 50 million dollars. In this specific case, we are certainly not talking about a car at this level, but a rare car (5000 examples produced in the coupé version) and, from our point of view, very beautiful: perhaps because it looks like a miniature copy of the Ford Thunderbird first series.

Although it looks like it, under the hood of this car there is a two-stroke, three-cylinder engine of almost 1000cc that produces an output of 55hp: almost ridiculous numbers when compared to a small car today, but not bad at all 60 Years ago. The seller says the car needs to be “freshened up”: it looks in fair condition but we can bet that it needs to be fully restored. For more photos feel free to ask the seller. Find it for sale at €9,500 (today $11,200) here in Merlimont, France.


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