Not for Africa: 1939 Peugeot 202


The seller of this beautiful Peugeot 202 (aka “The Cross-Eyed Car”) has in great consideration the confort of the future owner: indeed he says that this car is not for sale to Africa as it’s black and without air conditioning, so down there it would easily become hot and unconfortable. The pleasant streamline shape derives from its big sister, the 302, with its peculiar elements like the headlights behind the radiator grille: basically, this car is a scaled-down version of the 302, so it could have been more affordable for the average driver, even because of its 1100 c.c. inline-four engine. Apart from such odd advertising, the seller says that this car is in his hands since twenty years ago and that it benefitted of a restoration no later than 10 years ago.


The car looks very good although we aren’t convinced that those weels are correct for this car: it seems that a set of wheels from a Traction Avant has been trasplanted on this car. We never like the absence of, at least, a photo of the interiors but we doubt that it could be in bad shape, once looked at the rest of the car. Find it for sale at €8,000 (today $10,800) here in Artemare, France.

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