On the rise: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

It is true what the seller of this Giulietta Sprint says: the prices of these cars are on the rise (actually they have been for years, a slow but inexorable rise), however it depends a lot on the car.

While it is true that prices are on the rise, it is also true that the value of sales is closely related to the history and / or condition of the car. Unlike 10-15 years ago, in fact, the users of these cars have acquired knowledge even on the smallest details: this is the reason why you happen to see two apparently identical cars, in apparently identical conditions, at a very different price. It is not about the folly of the buyers (in most cases) but the careful evaluation of even the smallest detail.

The car featured in this post is said to have been restored by an enthusiast which is a good thing in itself, however this implies that there may be some points overlooked. In any case, although the photos are not the highest quality, the car seems in basically good condition, it seems to have the main parts in their place even if there are no photos of the engine compartment: the seller says that the engine is the original one. and we have no reason not to believe what it says. It looks like a nice Giulietta Sprint at an all in all honest price, but the fact remains that it must be carefully inspected in person. Find it for sale at $47,500 here in Belmont, CA.


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