Drive the dolphin/2: 1960 Porsche 356b T5 Roadster

Anyone who has fully restored a classic car knows very well that an easy restoration does not exist, unless it is a car that already looks good and only needs general tuning and detailing.

This is not, in fact, the case, indeed it takes many hours of work to bring this 356 back to the glory of the past, but in this case it is a rare Roadster which, moreover, is painted in Dolphin Gray, a color that is not very common and which also is maybe coupled with a tan interior – a very nice match.

The car no longer has its original engine, which detracts from its potential value once restored, however, as we said, the particular combination of colors can partly compensate for the fact that it is not a matching numbers. Missing the original tank, the original steering wheel and the dashboard instruments which have been replaced with a curious triptych from a classic Alfa Romeo, a classic Jaguar and another fairly recent car that we cannot recognize. Find it for sale at $94,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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