Silver streak: 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto

We were amazed to see a Duetto in silver: it was a factory color code (AR728), however it is rare to find one that was born in this color.

And in fact, this specimen, according to the seller, was born in white. The seller also says the car has been repainted by the previous owner who also replaced the SPICA injection system with two twin-barrel carburettors: less originality for the car but certainly more sanity for the owner.

Don’t get us wrong though: the SPICA injection, when set up correctly, works much better than carburetors: the problem is that those who know these systems well are really very few professionals in the world. Having been equipped with a SPICA, the engine should be 1750 cc: we do not know whether this is true or whether we are talking about a matching numbers car. But we have one certainty: The period correct alloy wheels are beautiful. Find it for sale at $37,500 here in Portland, OR.


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