Verona red: 1970 BMW 2002 Ti

The strangest thing about German car production from the 1960s and 1970s is the contrast between the cars’ sober lines and the flashy colors available for them.

Obviously, Porsche and BMW were first in this area: BMW in particular made available almost “racing” colors for its family sedans: the car presented here, a rare 2002 Ti, is painted in one of these bold colors. , or the Verona Red.

We have talked about color so far but the car on which it was sprayed deserves just as much attention: it is, as already mentioned, a Ti, produced in (relatively) few examples and characterized by carbrators rather than by the MFI of the Tii version. The vendor says that the car has never been used for racing, that it needs some work to be put back on the road and that you have many spare parts. There are only three photos published, however we seem to see a substantially correct car: understanding if and where there is rust is a topic to be explored. Find it for sale at €29,000 (today $35,000) here in Castres, France.


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