Former blue: 1963 Lancia Flaminia GT 2.5 3C by Touring

When it came out of the body shop on the outskirts of Milan, this Flaminia built by Touring had the typical colors for this model: Lancia blue on the outside and parchment-colored leather on the inside.


Now both colors are definitely weakened: the blue paint on the aluminum bodywork is almost totally gone, while the interiors are only a reminder of the splendor of the past, a splendor that, however, is waiting to be reborn, and we are sure that it will be so.


The seller says that the car was for many years in the USA, between Tennessee and Georgia, then imported into Europe through Holland: it is currently equipped with Dutch customs clearance documents. The engine is stuck, the floors must be redone but on the other hand the car is 99% complete and together with the car there are two new bumpers. If you want to have fun with a high-level ato, this seems the ideal candidate. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $49,600) here in Trani, Italy.


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