Euro specs: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera GTS


Many of the De Tomaso Pantera that you find for sale are the base model which in the USA was called “L”, then there is also the GTS model like this one, much rarer and much more expensive than the first.


But the GTS was not one for all markets: that for the American market maintained the same mechanics as the L, although it had a two-tone livery, oversized wheels and widened fenders, while the GTS with European specifications had the engine boosted to 350 horsepower. The one reviewed here is part of the latter enhanced model.


The seller says that the car was sold new by a Milan dealer (still in the business!) with the same livery you see now: the front wheels are the original ones in magnesium while the rear ones are a modern replica (better, never trust magnesium after 40 or 50 years). The suspensions have been overhauled, power steering has been added and a more performing carburettor has been installed as well as the ignition which is now electronic. This will probably not be the most correct GTS from a historical point of view, but it is probably one of the most usable, and certainly one of the least expensive. Find it for sale at £ 95,000 (today $ 124,000) here in Knutsford, UK.


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