HIR 993: 1962 Maserati 3500 GTi by Touring


When, in the world of classic cars, it is said “it is original only once”, it is not just the fact that it left the factory and is no longer modified.


That saying also means that, as people get to grips with it, some details – related to the finishing of one part or the assembly technique of another part – are lost forever: we remember well an interview with the great Scaglietti who, after supervising a Ferrari he built in ’57 as a judge at a Pebble Beach edition a few years ago, said “It has undergone too many restorations”. And he was talking about a Pebble Beach-level car.


So you understand the importance of having a specimen never “touched” by anyone other than one of the factory workers: it seems that this 3500 GT falls into this case. In fact, it seems that it has never been disassembled, even partially, that the paint is the original one (which, in fact, has a remarkable patina) as well as the interiors for which it seems that the only modification has been the re-upholstery of the two front seats. Obviously the asking price is high but it must also be said that a careful collector will just take care of overhauling the engine, gearbox and brakes: the rest does not need, and must not, be touched. Find it for sale at $150,000 here in Englewood, CO.


One thought on “HIR 993: 1962 Maserati 3500 GTi by Touring

  1. FTA:
    “When new this car was painted silver, the color was changed at some point during the first owners time with the car.”


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