Stored 50 years: 1960 Fiat 1500S Spider


It is italian, It has a soft top, it was built in the early 60s, it has a twin overhead cam engine, but it is not a Giulietta Spider.


Actually it is what should have been a competitor of the famous spider built by Alfa Romeo, it had all the credentials to do it but it was difficult to compete with the Alfa Romeo badge and in fact this model was built in much lower numbers than the spider built at the Portello factory, both in this first version with a 1500 cc engine and in the 1600 cc version.


This Fiat 1500 S is said to be parked in the last 50 years (it’s really a long time!) And looks very good: it clearly needs an integral restoration but it seems complete in all its parts as well as having a bodywork that does not have clear traces of rust: it seems a really good starting point for a professional restoration. Find it for sale at $15,800 here in Lake Bluff, IL.


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