Fresh and red: 1971 Datsun 240Z


The first time we reviewed a Z series datsun was in 2016, things have changed a lot since then.


In fact, it seems that, as happened in the past for other models (and other brands), one day someone “woke up” and, seeing the prices reached by “mainstream” cars, looked for some other classic car that, although less famous and ” commercial “, was however fascinating and worthy of being considered on a par with more “noble” cars such as Porsche, BMW and Alfa Romeo. Obviously, in recent years prices have risen accordingly.


This Dastun 240Z is said to have been sold new in Portugal (where it still is) and appears to be in excellent condition: it is not explained whether the car has been restored or not, however it seems to us in too good and “clean” conditions for not having been, at least superficially. It is an example with a manual gearbox, therefore highly appreciated, very clean both outside and inside which, at least from the photos, seems almost perfect. Find it for sale at €42,000 (today $45,600) here in Sintra, Portugal.



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