Younger sister: 1966 Alfa Romeo GT Junior


This is an icon of world motoring of the 60s and, perhaps only after the Giulietta Spider, one of the most famous cars produced by Alfa Romeo.


It was produced from ’66 (so this car is one of the first produced in its series) to increase the audience of customers who did not want or could not afford the purchase and maintenance of a Giulia Sprint GT with a 1600 cc engine. Even if today it makes you smile, the latter displacement, for the European market of the time, was considered medium-large.


This car has certainly been parked for many years, not less than 30, and fortunately it has been preserved well enough. It has traces of rust but does not seem rotten and, above all, it seems quite complete. In addition to that, it has a beautiful color combination, perhaps one of the most classic on this car, and definitely deserves to be restored to its original state. Find it for sale at $14,900 here in Carmel Valley, CA.


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