Time traveler: 1950 Kaiser Frazer Henry J. “Custom”


Actually we did not know exactly how to call this car: we know that – as the seller says – under the skin is the frame and engine of a Henry J. but we don’t know much else.


Technically speaking, we do not know the year of manufacture of the chassis, nor the year in which its old bodywork was removed and replaced with this one you see, made of fiberglass. It is most likely a modification from the second half of the 1950s, also given the lines of the car and the windshield (and the steering wheel, we guess) of a ’56 Corvette.


The vendor says the car has just come out of 50-year storage and that the engine isn’t stuck. Certainly useful information but absolutely not sufficient to describe this very particular spider; we would also have liked to see more photos as it is the first time that we see a similar bodywork, by the way small by American standards of the time. To dig into the topic, find it for sale at $ 7,500 here in Detroit, MI.


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