Pristine: 1990 Maserati 222 Coupé

  1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.


Can a 1990 car be considered classic? We have been asking for this for a while, also because we had to clarify to ourselves the meaning of “classic” applied to cars.


If we have to apply the definition given above, then this model can be considered a classic even if we know that these models are affected by many problems since birth. on the other hand, they are equipped with an extraordinary engine for the time, with a high specific power and a very engaging sound.


Moreover, this particular car is in pristine conditions: it has only driven 28k kms (little more than 17k miles) and in fact, although these cars are not famous for the quality and durability of the materials with which they are built, it seems in fact new both inside and out. Furthermore, durability should not be a problem as it will spend more time parked than on the road in the future. Find it for sale at €19,000 (today $21,100) here in Vergiate, Italy.

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