Black barn find: 1959 AC ACE Bristol


Fifty years are, in human terms, a very long time. There are many people who at the age of 50 are not even lucky enough to arrive and others, such as the former owner of this Ace Bristol, have even owned the same car for all these years.


The previous owner actually bought the car in 1969 and he cared for it all this time. The car had a sprayed about 20 years ago (we can only imagine how fascinating it would have been today with the original paint) but it has been in the garage for ten years, so it needs a big service.


The peculiarity of this Ace Bristol (which is already very particular in itself, among other things) is to still have the original engine that has special specifications: it is the “100 D2” engine type, that is, a high-performance version of the six-cylinder engine which in this version produces 125 hp. Find it for sale at $289,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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