Baby blue: 1959 Porsche 356 Roadster by Drauz


Take a 356 Speedster, add a slightly higher windshield, more comfortable seats and roll-up windows and you will get a Roadster.


Among other things, the same formula is valid for two series of 356, the T2 and the T5: clearly in the T2 series the similarity is evident given that we are talking about the same bodywork, while as regards the last one it is a bodywork completely revisited, moreover the T5 “Speedster” never existed. This Roadster is one of the few produced by the Drauz bodywork and was born in the Meissen Blau color, one of the most beautiful on this model, in our opinion.


In addition, this Drauz (chassis #85840) is said to be matching numbers not only as far as the engine is concerned, but also on doors and hoods since these correctly report the last two digits of the chassis number, the wheels and the tank also show punch marks with date relative to the last quarter of 1958, which is consistent with the history of the car. The car is complete and, although there is some bodywork to do, it is an excellent candidate for the operating table. Find it for sale here in Lakewood, NJ, with bidding at $50,000 and reserve not met.


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