Mini Miura: 1959 Austin Healey 3000 Mk1 Jamaican

Screen Shot 01-29-20 at 08.22 PM 002

Years ago we published another Austin Healey with a fiberglass body made by the American Jamaica, but that time it was an open body, very different from this one.

Screen Shot 01-29-20 at 08.23 PM

This Austin Healey in fact has a “Berlinetta” bodywork whose lateral lines closely resemble those of the Lamborghini Miura without being a ridiculous copy. Indeed, it has a very beautiful and proportionate line from whichever point you look at it.

Screen Shot 01-29-20 at 08.22 PM

The current owner says that he bought the car four years ago from the previous American owner and decided to restore it with the setting of a classic competition car and the engine now develops even 285 bhp: a remarkable power which, however, we retain that it is not very exploitable for road use. Find it for sale at £75,000 (today $82,500) here in Loughborough, UK


One thought on “Mini Miura: 1959 Austin Healey 3000 Mk1 Jamaican

  1. These kit cars were made by Fiberfab in the late 60’s. This particular design was allegedly named Jamaican after a woman the founder met on a plane named “Jamaica “. It was her in the brochure photography.

    Bodies used Corvette windshield, VW Karmann Ghia side windows and an early 911 back window. They were offered for Triumph chassis, Healeys, VW and others.

    This is huge money for a Jamaican, but not many of them were ever finished, and the Healey Chassis is the best one.


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