Black hood: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce


Every Giulia Spider Veloce that we will find, and which do not have a bewildering price, will be published on Classic Virus. In this case the price is there, let’s see if there is also a car.


At first glance, this car is a perfect candidate for a restoration, and one who says it is so crazy as to buy a scrap – incomplete, by the way – on which there was more rust than metal and which only in a few months will see again the light after three and a half years of restoration work. This specimen, on the other hand, seems solid and complete, as any car to be restored should be.


Also the undercarriage clearly shows no traces of rust cancer although some patches will certainly be put on; the interior is correct and complete and although the soft top frame is missing, the car is equipped with a rare hardtop. The engine compartment seems more or less correct, what we do not know is if the engine is the right type and if the carburetors are the correct DCOE2, but these are details that we imagine that the seller can quickly find out. Find it for sale at $39,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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