74,917 Original miles: 1961 Porsche 356B T5 Coupé


Finding a 356B Coupé for sale is not great news, we all know. Yet sometimes there are exceptions to be made.


We make exceptions in special cases such as the one we are presenting. The peculiarity of this car is, on the one hand, that of being a rare Super 90 model (therefore with 90 hp) still with its original engine that has been completely rebuilt, on the other that it has been intact for almost 60 years.


In fact, it seems that the car still has all the original metal, including the floors (and this is already an extraordinary thing in itself), but to have just over 74k miles proven by the documentation that is with the car. The current owner is in fact the third and purchased the car from a man who had it since 1970 and drove it until 1977 when he parked it and no longer drove it. Obviously, in addition to the engine, all those things that allow the car to run normally have been fixed, and among these is not included the paint that is also the one applied 59 years ago in Stuttgart. Find it for sale at $85,000 here in Brentwood, TN.


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