The white one: 1965 Ghia 1500 GT Coupé


Do you remember when a few years ago we published a similar dark green car, in identical conditions, and it was on sale for months at almost a quarter of the price of this? Those good times, right?


Good times indeed, and yet even then we wondered why an Italian GT of the 60s, rare and pretty like this one, could remain unsold for months despite the slightly higher price of a new utility car. We were (unfortunately) right and it is now practically impossible to find a Ghia 1500 GT like this for less than €70,000 (about $77,000 at today’s exchange rate). This one intrigued us because it is one of the very few painted white.


Not just white on the outside but red on the inside, a very nice and typical 60s color combination. Unfortunately we would have liked to see more photographs and more detailed than those published by the current owner who, at least to see the photos, seems to have a small personal car museum in which this Ghia is probably the queen of his collection. You don’t see much from the photos but what is visible is certainly correct. Find it for sale at €80,000 (today $87,500) here in Cassano delle Murge, Italy.


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