Turkish project: 1954 Porsche 356 Coupé


There are less and less 356 in conditions “to be restored” and now, when one comes up, it is almost a special event.


The event is even more special when the Porsche 356 we are talking about is from the ’54, or belonging to the series commonly called “Pre-A”, a name that – for the record – has never been made official by the factory.


This 356 Coupe seems to have had only two owners and was produced in the Turkish Red color; the big gap of this car is the lack of the engine but the seller says that apart from that (which is not a detail anyway), the car is quite complete, including the 16 “rims. The body seems to have some excellent gaps and, all things considered, it is a very interesting project. Find it for sale at $87,500 here in Costa Mesa, CA.


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