Believed matching: 1962 Porsche 356 B T6 Cabriolet


We are not lucky enough to be able to take a look at the engine of this 356 T6 convertible which is said to be a car matching numbers.


But we can see both the bodywork and the floors quite well, and despite the appearances they are not so bad for a good body shop those dents visible on the front of the car are business as usual, while from the photos it seems that the only problem of the floors the frontal section where the battery is housed.


The seats have to be redone (let’s imagine that the mice have had a fun party with them) as well – most likely – the top, otherwise the car looks pretty honest, however the biggest doubt to be resolved concerns the originality of the engine: this “detail” makes a nice difference in terms of value. Find it for sale at $74,500 here in Orange, CA.


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