Black tie: 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE


It may seem strange to hear, but this was a very successful car in terms of sales, with three series made and over 900 units sold, from 1959 to 1964.


Today 900 units are an almost ridiculous number for a car that was not destined for limited production from the beginning, but fifty years ago, when the number of rich people who could afford cars like this (and luxury cars available on the market) it was enormously inferior to today, almost a thousand of these cars made meant an extraordinary success.


This car in particular was imported from Italy in the early 1970s (the years in which most Ferraris have migrated to the other side of the ocean, mainly due to the oil crisis), and it is the first time that faces the market in almost 50 years: the original color was silver with red interiors, a very attractive combination even considering the fact that the conditions seem very good. Find it for sale at $267,500 here in New York, NY.

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