Later style: 1955 WD Denzel 1300

This very special roadster is not for sale through a simple announcement, but it is one of the lots of an auction to be held in September, in a beautiful place south of Lisbon, Portugal.

The auction is about a fantastic collection of the 130 cars of Mr. Saragga, put together in about thirty years and certainly worthy of a museum: indeed, many automobile museums will surely envy many of the cars in this collection, among which this Denzel 1300 stands out, a marvelous Roadster built in about 65 units of which, probably, only half still exist.

This WD 1300 is in practically perfect condition as it was restored by a Portuguese specialist not many years ago, it was born in 1955 with a different body but in 1959 it was sent back by the owner to the Denzel factory to install the current body and a 1300 “Super Sport” engine, more powerful than the previous one. We do not know Wendels in deep (actually very few do), however we have no doubt that the minimum estimate of € 380,000 (today $ 430,000) will be met easily.


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