Green six: 1970 VW-Porsche 914-6


The biggest classic car dealer – probably in the world – this time has in his hands a 914-6 born of this beautiful Forest Green color.


The car was probably used to take part in some amateur races, since it is equipped with a pair of sports seats, a roll cae and the original engine was replaced with a 2.4-liter Porsche unit, probably coming from a ‘S’ produced in 72-73: in this case the engine has a high value and is very powerful.


The car still has a fairly stock appearance, with the exclusion of the rear spoiler (which is also ugly to see), the bodywork has some problems, as evidenced by the rust areas on the lower section of the doors, however we do not see big disasters: it is definitely an opportunity that allows someone who doesn’t have $ 80-100k to spend, to get their hands on a rare, if imperfect, piece. Find it for sale at $34,750 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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