Black tie: 1967 Maserati Quattroporte


Ethan, the seller of this car, told us about the ad on eBay and, being this a Maserati Quattroporte, we could not exempt ourselves from publishing it.


To be precise it is a 1967 Quattroporte first series, equipped with the famous V8 with 4.2 liter displacement and four Weber two throat carburetors which, unfortunately, are missing, probably after an attempt – made many years ago – to replace the head gasket. The air filter assembly is however present.


The car was sold new in Rome, Italy, and in fact it is almost a miracle that it still retains its original black plate even after being imported to Louisiana in the 70s. The car looks solid and, above all, very complete (apart from the carburetors and the intake manifold mentioned before) and original, so that’s a good starting point for a restoration job. Find it for sale at $40,000 here in Wynnewood, PA. By the way, the 3rd series Quattroporte that you can spot in the photo is a roller and listed too for parts.


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