Sunny shade: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


Whenever I find a 1750 GTV for sale at the same price as this, my thoughts go back to when, nine years ago, I sold mine at a third of that price.


Moreover, the one who bought it told me however that “the car is a bit expensive”. Okay, do not look back anymore, rather what is here to be observed is this 1750 GTV first series in beautiful condition and painted in a very special color.


The color, in fact, is the main reason why we decided to publish this car: how many 1750 GTV with this color have you ever seen? For us it is the first time and we could also have said that it was not original, but the owner claims that it is. Could it be the “Giallo Prototipo” of which some literature speaks but which we have never seen? If anyone knows it, please comment. Find it for sale at €62,500 (today $71,000) here in Parma, Italy.


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