Bent windshield: 1955 Porsche 356 Coupé Continental


“Continental” is a rather irrelevant name for anyone who is not keen on the Porsche 356 series, on the contrary it immediately awakens the fantasies of the followers of what Jeremy Clarkson called “a jumped up Beetle”.


Lately we have come across a Continental Coupé, perfectly restored (but not a matching numbers car) for which the seller was asking $450,000: for us it is a crazy price, even for a matching numbers car, let alone for one that is not.


However, this demonstrates how, even in a moment of relative stagnation of the classic car market, classic Porsche’s are the only ones that are not affected by the price drop. This car in particular seems very well preserved; the seller says that the metal is all original, that it was repainted about 30 years ago in a non-original color and that is still equipped with the original service book. The seller says that the minimum bid is $125,000, so we did not understand if it’s a direct sale or if the car will be auctioned. Find it for sale here in Sebastopol, CA.


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