One owner biancospino: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT


This Giulia Sprint GT is one of the first produced (actually the production began in mid-1963) and it seems that, apart from the seller, it has had only one owner in its life.


We did not understand if the current seller has owned it for some time or if it is only the person in charge of the sale, the fact is that, apart from quick respray on the outside, the car is in original condition and yet needs a restoration.


The car does not seem to have been abandoned on the street, but has been neglected for many years (as evidenced by the state of the interior) and therefore can not be used as it is even if it looks beautiful if observed from three meters away. However, there are many points in its favor: the car looks solid, complete, straight and still has its original license plate and the restoration should not be too challenging. Find it for sale at € 29,000 (today $ 33,000) here in Impruneta, Italy.


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