Twin plug barchetta: 1968 Ferrari Dino 196 S Replica


It is not the first time we have published a replica of a Dino Ferrari 196S: in fact it is a very “popular” model to be replicated, certainly because the engine can be taken from a Fiat Dino.


The difference with this car, however, is precisely the engine: the seller underlines the fact that this is not a “trivial” engine taken from a Fiat Dino but one of those very few engines (about 8) built in the 60s by Ferrari for equip racing cars.


In fact the first thing that catches your eye – and it’s not a detail – is the dual-ignition head and consequently the distributor with twelve terminals that – personally – we have never seen on one of these engines. The seller also says that the car was built in the 1960s and that it is currently approved for use on the road. The car is beautiful: the only discordant note is represented by the English-style spoke rims that should be replaced with a set of appropriate Borrani Record. Find it for sale at €170,000 (today $190,000) here in Casarile, Italy.


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