It exists: 1962 Moretti 2300 S Cabriolet


It is a strange feeling to see in reality a car seen only in the photos of a book: this is the case of this Moretti 2300 S Cabriolet.


As connoisseurs of classic Italian cars can imagine, this creation of the Moretti coachworks started from the base of a Fiat 2300 S: reliable and powerful, perhaps not compared to current cars but certainly by the standards of the time. And then, there are the lines of his bodywork.


We note that Moretti has also built a coupe version, but even if we have seen a couple of them sold in the last ten years, we did not imagine that the spider version still existed: not only does it exist then, but it seems that this is the car shown at the 1962 Turin Motor Show. It has been restored in England by DTR and seems to be in amazing condition, unfortunately the only thing we can’t know is the price. Find it for sale at £245,000 (today $317,000) here in Bletchingley, UK.


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