Rare car, rare color: 1973 Fiat 124 Spider CS1


We never published a Fiat 124 Spider but not because it is a car that we don’t like, but because it has always been obscured by other spiders like the Alfa Romeo Duetto.


The truth is that the 124 Spider is an excellent car, well made, a beautiful line and a 1800 cc engine with a double overhead camshaft. About displacement: this model has received different engine sizes over the years: the first series was equipped with a 1400 cc engine, then moved to 1600 and finally to 1800 cc.


This last version in particular, equipped with the largest motor (CS1), was produced in very few specimens: the general consensus says 778 but, even if this data is not accurate, we still talk of less than 1000 specimens, so this model enters from right in the definition of “rare”. Not just a few specimens but also a rare color: “Rosa Etrusco”; the car seems in excellent condition also because it has been restored by the current owner, probably it is not a top restoration but we are quite convinced that it is enough to drive the car for many years to come. Find it for sale at €23,500 (today $26,500) here in Bari, Italy.


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