Be green: 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Targa


The only “green” thing about this car is the color of the bodywork and the interior, but we think it is enough to take it into consideration.


In fact, although it is equipped with the classic air-cooled flat-six powered by an electronic injection, it is far from respecting the current regulations on CO2 emissions; on the other hand this engine produces a fantastic sound. However, the real peculiarity of this car is the color combination.


The seller claims that only 365 Porsche with this combination were sold in 1977: it is the Oak Green Metallic paint and an interior made on a color sample, it is a very particular combination that we like very much. As for the rest, the seller says the engine pulls hard, the transmission does its job without hesitation, and the body panels are perfect. Find it for sale at $56,500 here in Miami, FL.


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