Never seen before: 1955 DKW / IFA F8 Cabriolet Export by Gläser

There are no errors in the title of the article: this is a 1955 car even though it clearly looks like a car conceived in the 1930s. And there is a reason for this apparent inconsistency.

The reason is simple: this is in fact a car from the late 1930s built by the DKW-Audi group which, during the Second World War, stopped producing cars to support the German war effort. Once the war was over, in 1958, DKW, under the temporary name of IFA, started producing cars again thanks to Soviet support: the area where the factory was located was in fact controlled by the Soviet Union.

This model was produced until 1955 and was intended for export. It is equipped with the typical DKW two-stroke engine, with three cylinders and capable of delivering an output of 20hp, power that today makes you smile but at the time, in a car weighing three quarters of a ton, it was not all that scandalous. The engine is coupled to a three-speed manual gearbox. The car looks complete and original, probably missing some details (perhaps the middle section of the rear bumper) but it has a beautiful color combination. Find it for sale at €17,000 (today $18,500) here in Dresden, Germany.


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