Twin carb: 1971 BMW 1600 TI Touring

This is a fairly rare BMW, indeed, very rare as not only is it a 1600 TI but it is also a Touring (at least the badges say so)

Of course, this car has a much more particular design than its notchback sister, and in fact not everyone likes it, yet, precisely because of its line, it is a car that has a lot of character and has many admirers in the BMW world: it is certainly the rarest car of the E10 series, also known as the “Neue Klasse”.

This car in particular looks very original even if it has some details added later: the rims, to start, are not original but are period correct and are very good, the cockpit has been enriched with an additional tool in the center console while the carburettors they look like Weber, certainly better than the original Solex but for fans this is a drawback. The car has probably been repainted in the past but basically looks like a very nice one. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $16,300) here in Lecco, Italy.


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