Swedish snowplow: 1981 Volvo C202 Lappländer


Here is a type of all-terrain vehicle that rarely happens to publish, but this time it is a Volvo and is, at least apparently, perfect.


The truth is also that it is the first time that we come across this model, of which we did not know its existence; surely, many readers were unaware of their existence, so whether you like it or not, now let’s talk briefly about it. As you may have guessed, this vehicle was initially commissioned by the Swedish army in the 1950s, the first of these vehicles was the L3314 model, which was delivered in 1959.


In 1977 the civil version was produced, equipped with the B20 engine (1,986 cc and 82 hp), less robust axles than the army version and no differential brake. The current owner has also converted it into a snowplow (partially), which is why this medium seems to have a bit of rust, however we believe that repairing it is quite simple since these vehicles were built to challenge the weather. Find it for sale at €4,700 (today $5,350) here in Stolpe, Germany.


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