Rear catch: 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000


Our goal is not only to find the most special classic cars for sale around the world, but also to find more “normal” cars at the most affordable price possible.


And here is this Alfa Spider 2000 from 1974; this model, even if it is not sought after as the Duetto (AKA Graduate), is having a fairly good increase in interest in recent times, obviously because it is driven by the price increase of its predecessor, and it is more and more frequent to find it for sale at prices over $20,000 (for specimens in excellent conditions).


This specimen is certainly not in excellent condition but remains an enjoyable car. He is a “fair driver” who, however, has received recent improvements: Front suspension rebuild. New alternator, water pump, front main seal, brake booster, clutch master cylinder, rebuilt original Bosch starter, new top and many other stuff. Crashed in the back (driver side) which has been poorly repaired; anyway will not prevent the new owner from enjoying this spider for a long time to come. Find it for sale at $8,400 here in Palo Alto, CA.


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