Protein cure: 1964 Sunbeam Tiger


The intent of many car builders during the 60s and 70s was to build beautiful, powerful but not overly expensive cars, and there was only one way to achieve this.


In fact, the solution consisted of coupling a European body, generally more suited to a sports car, to an American engine that, although not technically sophisticated, combined strength, power and reliability at a low cost. From this starting point cars like this Sunbeam Tiger were born.


In the specific case, this Tiger is equipped with its original engine which, however, has benefited from a protein cure: it is in fact passed from the original displacement of 260 ci to 289 ci, the heads come from a 302 ci engine, there are hotter cams in addition to a long list improvements performed a little everywhere. The rims are not original as well as painting, however “the meat” is there, together with an fair price. Find it for sale at $39,500 here in Holliston, MA.


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