Seven and half: 1956-1962 Giulietta Spider stock


Sometimes it happens to find a Giulietta Spider to be restored, sometimes it happens to find two for sale by the same owner, other times – like this – it happens to find seven and a half of them.


Do not ask us what the owner means for “half” because neither we have understood, certainly we see that the “integer” Giuliettas are seven and they are all in various conditions: from that in desperate conditions to what appears to be in “driver” condition.


The seller says that the years of production of this lot of Giulietta go from 1956 to 1962 and in particular among all these cars there is also a Veloce of 1958. The sale is not limited only to cars but also to a bunch of spare parts which the owner has not cataloged, among which there is also a vintage dealer sign that alone is probably worth over $1,000. Find it for sale at $169,900 here in Benton, MI.


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