White striped: 1969 Alfa Romeo F12 ambulance


We all know how these vans produced by Alfa Romeo have recently returned in vogue, and this is the reason why even prices are rising slowly but inexorably.


In the specific case we have a service vehicle produced in 1969, equipped with many windows as it was transformed for use as an ambulance of the fire brigade. The van seems to have retained all the original features and appearance.


Obviously this van needs a restoration that seems not very easy but also extremely challenging, there are visible traces of rust along the lower edge of the body but, frankly, we think it is the minimum for a means of public service, now fifty: what important is that it is complete and, apart from little details, it seems that this F12 is. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $17,000) here in Padova, Italy.


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