Cratfsmanship masterpiece: 1961 Porsche 356B Spider by Zagato


Sometimes it happens to stumble on very special cars, not so much for their origins but for those who have modified them later.


In fact, this car was born in 1961 as a “common” Porsche 356B and probably lived a normal life like many other of her sisters, only years after received a treatment that gave her immortality, and this treatment was made by Zagato, to remember an achievement made more than 50 years ago which, however, was destroyed a long time ago.


Zagato has built 9 of these cars that are now spread all over the world, from Japan to the USA: in this last nation this model is on sale, coming from Dubai. Paradoxically, there is not much to say about this car: the result of Zagato’s work is clearly visible and our comments would add little value to the discussion. Obviously the car is very expensive but something tells us that in a few years this price will seem a steal. Find it for sale at $315,000 here in Spring, TX.


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