Minor fire: 1970 Volkswagen-Porsche 914/6


We know that today these are considered Porsche in every aspect but always remember that, at least until 1972, to buy one of these you had to contact a Volkswagen dealer.


In any case, here we are faced with one of the 3,351 examples of 914/6 built and, more importantly, it is a car matching numbers (at least that’s what the seller claims). Observing the engine compartment you can clearly see the absence of the carburetors the reason is soon said.


The seller says that the car has suffered a minor fire in the engine bay and probably, as a result of this fire, the carburetors have melted and have been removed, however, looking at the car does not reveal serious damage due to fire . The body is not perfect as well as the interior but certainly it is a very interesting car, considering also its beautiful orange color. Find it for sale at $49,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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