War veteran: 1943 Volkswagen KdF Type 60 “Red Cross”


We close this 2018 with a bang thanks to this car which, during its life, has seen many things that probably nobody should ever see.


It is in fact a KDF Type 60, or a beetle (for the profane model like us) produced during the Second World War and in this case adapted for the Red Cross service: the beauty of these cars is that they were modified for basically any purpose.


The seller of this car – a Volkswagen collector and connoisseur – claims that about forty KDF produced between ’39 and ’45 have still remained alive and this car in particular has been confirmed (also by the community of experts) as actually part of one of the cars produced during the conflict and given to the German director of the red cross as a service car. Obviously such rarity and history require so much money: find it for sale at $269,000 here in Connecticut.


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