Better than it looks: 1963 BMW 700 Cabriolet


Let’s face it: very few know this car in its cabriolet version, and even less in the coupe version, but that’s also why we like it.


In fact, despite being a car designed for customers who could not spend much money on a weekend car, it was still built by BMW (which was still recovering from the devastation of the Second World War) and therefore with high quality standards; if you add to this that its engine was the same two-cylinder boxer air-cooled borrowed from their motorcycles, the picture is complete.


At first glance, the car seems in desperate conditions but in reality it is not like that: there is, of course, rust, but it is not much. But the most important thing is that the seller also provides many spare parts: new headlights, taillights, headlight rings, new front and rear stainless steel bumpers, new suspension stops, new steering rack boots and much more. The engine is here as well as the transmission: this could be a funny puzzle. Find it for sale here in Hollywood, FL, with a starting bid of $4,000 and no bids yet.


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