Gunmetal green: 1961 Lancia Flaminia GT Coupé by Touring


Of course, there is no Gunmetal Green color: the original color of this Flaminia Touring was Gunmetal Gray, covered at some point by an emerald-green paint that, all in all, is not bad.


This model is one of the first Flaminia Touring GT and this is evident not only from the year of production but above all from the engine powered by a single carburettor, a prerogative of the first engines before it was installed as standard the kit with three carburetors that gave car a dozen more horsepower.


The conditions: not good (to put it mildly), the floors have to be replaced as well as the interiors and all the chrome that have now given way to a layer of rust. Obviously the engine and the transmission have to be redone too, in short, this car must be dismantled piece by piece and restored. But there is a positive side: the car is very complete, it does not seem to lack anything and this is not a matter of indifference to a car like that which requires notoriously a considerable amount of work to be restored. Find it for sale at $49,800 here in Midland, NC.


2 thoughts on “Gunmetal green: 1961 Lancia Flaminia GT Coupé by Touring

  1. “Gunmetal” green? More like “Jukebox Green” or “Carnival Green.” Yuck.


    Reid Trummel Portland, Oregon, USA



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