Same lady since ’92: 1963 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 FHC


It is becoming increasingly rare (as with all classic cars) to find an E-Type first series that has survived the passing of time and the rearrangements of previous owners. This seems to be one of those survivors.


The seller says that this car has belonged to a lady since 1992, is a self-matching numbers, still has its original floors, its California black plate and, last but not least, runs and drives well.


As is easy to see though, the seats have already been re-upholstered (we do not know when), since they should have a color identical to the rest of the leather (or vinyl) of the interior but, apart from that, the interior looks quite original, especially the upper part of the dashboard that looks wavy, certainly because of the California sun. The door panels are missing the chrome trim and the transmission tunnel cover is black: we believe that this has also been redone in the past. That said, this remains an excellent example of a survived E-Type. Find it for sale at $89,500 here in Yorba Linda, CA.


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