Three countries job: 1940 Fiat 508 C “Balilla” Cabriolet by Glaser


An Italian car, set up by a German coachbuilder and for sale in Norway: this is the synopsis of this very rare (and beautiful) Fiat 508 C Cabriolet.


It is the first Balilla Cabriolet Glaser ever seen for sale (at least by us), in fact so far we have seen this model only in drawings or photographs dating back 70 years ago and, we must admit, that this car is very beautiful: indeed Glaser was one of the most renowned coachbuilders in the world, worthy of being in the Olympus of coachbuilders alongside his famous Italian colleagues.


The seller says that the car was imported to Norway in 1957 and it was in the same family until 2008; It is in very good condition with patina as it was fully restored about 20 years ago: we believe that “fully” is maybe a bit too stretched but the car is nice and it has, indeed, a nice patina over the black paint. Also, considering the Norway climate, it has been driven scarcely. Find it for sale at NOK 290,000 (today $35,500) here in Drøbak, Norway.


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