Esastar wheels: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


We stay in France today, this time not for a french car but for a true Italian car, maybe the Italian car by definition.


It is an Alfa Romeo, of course, and also one of the most popular post-war Alfa, a 1750 GT Veloce first series (also known as “standing pedals”, because the pedals are hinged on the floor, instead of being hung) painted in Light Pine Green, and looks in very good conditions.


Apart from the stickers put by the current owner, as already said the car looks good: the interior is very nice, and above all it is original, very important as this is the most beautiful interior made by Alfa on the 105 GT series: there is an issue though, the steering wheel belongs to a 2nd series. The engine compartment looks original and clean and the current rims are the Stilauto “Esastar”, or a copy of those. No photos of the floor though. Why this 1750 GTV when there are many others for sale? Try to look for other cars in these conditions and with a price equal or lower than this, and you understand why. Find it for sale at €37,500 (today $43,500) here in Amboise, France.


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